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Argentinian tango has been spreading in India like powder for a few years.

How come such different and opposite cultures can understand and melt into a dance?


Pablo Montanelli, tango pianist and composer from Argentina, travels to meet these Indian dancers to understand their perception and interpretation of tango in its whole complexity, how to they appropriate the culture (dance, music, poetry) and associate it to their own despite the contradictions.

We discover surprising links at different levels (traditions, cultures, vocabulary etc.)

Pablo Montanelli offers various methods of meeting: he sets up a local tango orchestra, and travels with some Argentine musicians to India for “jam sessions” with traditional local musicians (e.g. the Manganyars of Jaisalmer, singer of Kabir etc.)

We follow Indians from different social backgrounds (dancers, musicians, DJs, tango teachers) between India and Buenos Aires. Shock of cultures and encounters, changed life trajectories. We discover their experiences and reactions during a trip to Buenos Aires, the "Mecca" of tango.

What life is possible after that?

We would need to raise funds in order to cover fees for a professional result.

To have local shooting teams, high quality of image and sound, plane tickets to travel together with 2 Indian dancers to Argentina and follow their discovery...

would you be in ?

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