Geneva - Switzerland

January 9th - MILONGA BRAVA 21hs

Sète - France

January 11th - LA MILONGA AU VICTOR 20hs

Auroville - India

February 15th - CRIPA PERFORMING ARTS 19hs

Berlin - Germany

March 15th - MILONGA TANGOLOFT 18hs

Koln - Germany

March 16th - MIRELLA'S TANGO 20hs

Amsterdam - Netherlands

March 17th - JAZZ CAFE ALTO 21hs

Napoli - Italy

March 21th - SALONE MARGHERITA 22hs

Buenos Aires - Argentina

April 15th - MILONGA AMAPOLA 22hs
con Alfredo Piro

Buenos Aires - Argentina

April 23th - BILONGON 23hs

Buenos Aires - Argentina

April 24th - PISTA URBANA 21hs
con Alfredo Piro

Berlin - Germany

June 5th - NOU MILONGA 21hs

Braunsweig - Germany

June 6th -  MILONGA LA FLOR DEL TANGO - Piano+DJ set
June 7th - THE TANGO CAFE - 15hs

Amsterdam - Netherlands

June 11th - Festival Comercio Justo

Warsaw - Poland

June 12th - EL PALACIO DEL TANGO 22hs

Munich - Germany

June 15th - MILONGA DNA 21hs

Brussels - Belgium

July 10th - PATIO DE TANGO 21hs feat. Alfredo Piro

Lausanne - Switzerland

July 15th -  COCO GARDEL 21hs feat. Alfredo Piro
Niort - France
October 10th - TANGOCHOS MILONGA 21hs

Paris - France

October 17th - ACTIVISTAS DEL TANGO 21hs
Paris - France
October 20th - TANGOCHOS MILONGA 21hs
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